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Uji Genmaicha: t-323
Green Tea with matcha, popped corn, and toasted hulled rice
$ 24   8 oz. tim

White Peony
Uji Genmaicha
English Breakfast Tea
Brewing Suggestions: 1 teaspoon of tea leaves per 6 oz. to 8 oz. of boiling water. For starters, try steeping 3 min. to 5 min. The longer you steep, there is the possibility that the tea will taste bitter. But if you prefer a stronger taste, try steeping up to 7 min. Adjust accordidngly and steep to taste. Remember, a little goes a long way.
Enjoy the collection of Fine Gourmet Loose Tea
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"Gourmet Tea"
Ginger Orange Peach: t-321
Bai Mu Dan White Tea with orange peel, peach pieces, ginger root, safflowers, and marigolds
$ 20    8 oz. tin
Ginger Orange Peach White Tea
Vanilla Oolong Tea
Vanilla: t-331
Oolong Tea from Taiwan with vanilla bean
$ 18    8 oz. tin
English Breakfast: t-335
Black Keemun Tea from China
$ 18   8 oz. tin
White Peony: t-327
White Tea from the Fujian Province
$ 22   8 oz. tin
Coconut Black Tea
Coconut: t-325
Black Tea from Ceylon with coconut pieces
$ 18    8 oz. tin
Comfort Black Tea
Comfort: t-329
Black Tea from Ceylon with rosehips, marigold, and cornflower petals
$ 18    8 oz. tin

Yunnan Black Tea
Yunnan: t-337
Black Tea from the Yunnan Province
$ 28    8 oz. tin
Jasmine Oolong Tea
Jasmine: t-333
Oolong Tea from the Fujian Province
$ 20   8 oz. tin
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